Why Outsource your Bookkeeping?

Reduce Overhead Costs

With new cloud solutions, business owners Bookkeepers, and accountants are better able to communicate in real time to discuss important issues without each leaving their offices saving both time and money.

Save the Valuable Time

Outsourcing your bookkeeping allows you the security of knowing your financial records are available for banking needs or tax purposes as required.

Gain Peace of Mind

We focus on your books and maintain your compliance obligations thus giving your peace of mind to concentrate on your important issues

Get Emergency support

Base time again but you haven’t prepared? Do you have inaccurate bookkeeping problems? No worries call us today and schedule a meeting so we can get to work in resolving the issue immediately


Freeing business owners from paperwork often leads to a more productive use of time, relieves stress, and allows them more control in the performance of the business.

Along with general bookkeeping services, one of the most important service we offer is checking the health of the business. This takes two forms: checking the integrity of the data file (confirming the file contains accurate data), and reviewing the financial liquidity position of the business. Good records, reconciled and reviewed regularly, provide the basis for sound business decisions.

Other Services We Provide Include:

  • Administrative assistance
  • Payroll administration processing, and employment terminations
  • SuperStream compliance and set-up assistance
  • MYOB Training
  • BAS Preparation and lodgement
  • Liaise with accountant
  • End of Financial Year tax preparation

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Tom Brockhurst KB Medical AdministrationJune 2016Elizabeth Zeuschner and Associates have provided me with a sounding board to make smarter business decisions. I can talk through issues and this helps me think clearly.Initially I was reluctant to pass duties across to them but I found they concentrated on assisting me to learn how to manage the system  myself.  I became confident in the process. I feel in control and can delegate duties now to make my life easier.
Working with Elizabeth Zeuchner has been a pleasure.  Elizabeth was referred to us when our accounts department was riddled with problems.  She has managed to diagnose and resolve those problems, compile a written Policies & Procedures Manual, and reconcile all of our accounts whilst at the same time train our staff for the future.  I cannot recommend Elizabeth more highly for her sense of humour, integrity and diligent work ethic.Ros LeslieManaging DirectorLifeskills group4/9/2013
Elizabeth is very efficient and professional and has been a very important part of my business growing. We have been extremely pleased with the level of service and responsiveness we get.RegardsLouis Global Web Shops PLDirector 12 Dec 2014
Enzo and I have used the professional services of Elizabeth Zeuschner & Associates for more than 9 years now. We have been extremely pleased with the level of service & thoroughness in the preparation of all our taxation matters (including Bas, payroll, PAYG etc.). We have always appreciated Elizabeth's personal attention to detail & bookkeeping advice as it has been required. Elizabeth and her team are always available to assist, providing prompt feedback & maintaining frequent communication with our tax accountant. The bookkeeping system also integrates fluidly into the company's daily routines. I would highly recommend Elizabeth's services & would like to thank them for their ongoing support. Karl Troiano - Luxury Home Developments Pty. Ltd. (LuxuryHomes.com.au) 15 Dec 2014

About Elizabeth Zeuschner

Elizabeth brings over 30 years of bookkeeping experience whenever she sits with a client. Her professional bookkeeping career began with the introduction of the GST, when she saw many small businesses struggle to deal with increased complication in tax compliance, not to mention the time-consuming task of tracking their finances to keep the business afloat.

Having kept books for several family businesses for many years, Elizabeth knew the hazards of not having solid bookkeeping not only on the business but also on people in it. She decided to lend a hand and launched her company, which grew quickly with clients from many different industries including Construction and building Trades, Hospitality, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Retail, Finance Broking, Advertising, Health and Beauty, Investment Property, and Shares and Service Industries.

While she’s improved the record-keeping systems in many businesses, Elizabeth ultimately measures her success by the number of business owners she has helped regain control over their finances to gain back their time and reclaim their lives.